Hand-painted, Original Art Hex Designs

Show your pride in your farm with one of our hex designs, painted and designed specifically for your farm.

Below is a gallery of some of the designs that have been produced here at Fancy Creek Llamas. However, do not let the predominance of llama and alpaca designs influence your imagination. We have created a design with a rooster, oak leaves, maple leaves, and, a design in the works is with butterflies and flowers. -

Contact us with your design ideas and we can discuss what will be the focus elements on the piece.

We do not have a huge inventory of completed hex designs because each is hand-painted here in our studio.
Each order is personally painted by Marilyn.

The “hex” designs are completely done by hand. Marilyn buys the MDO board (sign-painters board) and saws out the 24 inch diameter circles with her 1969 model Black and Decker saber saw. (She just won’t give up on that saw!) She sands the edges of the circles and then begins the painting process.

The MDO circle is painted with a 100% acrylic primer. The smooth surface for the original design is coated with two coats of background color. The design is drawn onto the board with pencil and then carefully painted with sign painters’ enamels hand mixed by Marilyn. There are three to five coats of paint applied to the design surface.

Some of the designs used were created and drawn and copyrighted by Marilyn, some of them as early as 1997. But new designs are in the hopper. The hex designs are created specifically for outdoor use such as on a barn or out-building, hence the stark use of silhouettes of the camelids. The would be viewed from 100 or more feet.

You may find remnants of the original pencil drawing. Erasing the pencil marks would compromise the integrity of the paint therefore the pencil lines are left visible.

The reverse side of the hex is carefully painted with two coats of acrylic paint.

There is one small hole drilled in the top and one at the bottom of the hex design to make is easy to stabilize the hex design with wood screws on the surface of your barn or on an inside surface should you choose to display the design indoors. An outdoor display warrants using four wood screws to secure the design from wind damage.

At the Fancy Creek Llamas studio the completed hex design is placed into a handmade box of recycled cardboard for mailing.

The “hex” designs should NOT be coated with polyurethane or any other clear coating. Polyurethane will cause the design to turn brown or yellow. There is no adequate clear coating that will stand up to the ultraviolet rays of the sun and weathering. The paint should stand up well to weather in most locations. It would be wise to hang the “hex” design in a rather protected place to increase the longevity of the art piece.

We hope you will choose a hex design for your farm or ranch. Our inventory is very small because everything is hand-made. It may take up to 6 weeks to receive the hex design.

Call us at +1-608-647-6453 or email us and we can discuss the creation of a design.

Color and symbol meanings for our “Hex” designs...

The traditional Pennsylvania Dutch hex designs painted on barns are designed for a limited number of symbols and colors all of which have specific meanings. The hex designs created here at Fancy Creek Llamas are more liberal in color usage and the animal symbols are a far cry from traditional hex designs...our designs are “whimsical.” Some of the color meanings are authentic Pennsylvania Dutch and others are not. We have indicated with an * the authentic colors and symbols.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our one-of-a-kind hex designs.


Heart*… love, warmth, loyalty

Round border*… easy life, abundance

Tulips*… faith, charity

Leaves… abundance

Llamas… grace, peace, gentleness

Alpacas… peace, gentleness, warmth


Red*… action, life, liberty, power

Green*… growing, abundance, luck, happiness, spring, good fortune

Tan / brown*… humility, the world

Black… Silence of night

The hex designs are hand painted on professional sign painter’s board with sign painter’s enamel. The original designs are created by Marilyn Loft Houck and are copyrighted.

We hope you enjoy the original camelid hex designs. After all you are showing your creative and original side as you share your life with llamas and alpacas!

Show pride in your camelid farm with an original work of art from Fancy Creek Llamas.